Telemedicine Instructions: What you need to make this work

What You Need? All you need is a Smart Phone, Tablet or PC with Webcam

How It Works?

1. You make an appointment the same way you always have.

2. You will receive a TEXT and an EMAIL Reminding your Appointment 5 to 10 min before the appointment time

3. PHONE or EMAIL ? Your choice. Some people prefer to use the link in email, so they can use the Webcam on the PC, and other prefer to use their Smartphone.

4. To use your PHONE click the Link in the TEXT

5. To use your Computer Webcam click the Link in the EMAIL

6. Once you click the Link, you might have to wait until I join you, or I will already be there waiting.  Unfortunately there is no way for me to tell you that I am running behind schedule

On a Video Call